This blog is written by those with a passion for living simply and sustainably. We are vegan and are involved in our own small-scale rewilding project in Scotland. The plants we write about are edible and can be grown in the British Isles. We are interested in plants that can be eaten raw because we believe in the human health, animal welfare and environmental benefits of a vegan raw food diet.

Apple blossom (Malus spp) from one of our apple trees

Raw Edible Plants is also involved in producing a series of ebooks on the subject.

The first, published by Dandelion Flower Publishing in 2011 and updated in 2014, is called Raw Edible Wild Plants for the British Isles (and other places too) by Amanda Rofe. £2.50 (Amazon Kindle)

The second, published in 2012 is called Raw Edible Flowers and Leaves for the British Isles by Amanda Rofe. £2.50 (Amazon Kindle)

See also Edible Plants for Preppers by Amanda Rofe, published in 2014. £2.50 (Amazon Kindle) which is an important book for our uncertain times featuring information on preparing food for a crisis situation.